Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good golly miss molly.........

I am very very tired.  Oh gosh it is hurting, WHY AM I AWAKE??!!! Meanwhile, here is what I wore to my Mother In Law's birthday dinner last night.  I made it my mission to finish this giant chicken parmiagana, and I did it, but now today I feel extremely fat.  Which is not fun at all.

I had been eyeing these shades off for ages on Market HQ but unfortunately they had sold out.  Luckily on my adventures to a really ghetto shopping centre, I found them! 
They are such fun shades, even though my husband hates them with a passion but I love them, I love their reflectorness.  I also found these black lacey shorts at the ghetto shop, and was not happy when I got home to find the security tag was still on them.  Luckily lovely lady Han took them back for me to get it removed because the shop was way out of my area. WHAT A NICE LADY!
 My sister in law thought that my shorts were pj pants too.  Oh gosh when will the world understand?

Millie shorts, Sportsgirl top & necklace & shoes, MINKPINK shades


  1. whaaaat, your husband is crazy (in the best way possible of course). those shades are awesome. full stop. maybe it's a girl thing.

  2. i think the shades are adorable! mink pink is one of my favorite brands

    ...look closer

  3. you are a hot hot hot lady!!! good for you!

  4. I loveeee wearing out things that look like they belong in the bedroom!

    Btw will you be at the Perth fashion blogger meet up this Sunday? If so, see ya there hun :)

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  5. oh by golly gosh! who's a supermodel? AMAZING! loves everything about this!

  6. Amazing shades! LOL at the pj-shorts comment - I've had that before too! :)

  7. YAY!!!! Paul likes to tell me I look like the creepy guy from sin city when i wear mine. Lol. Silly boys and there silly ways of not understanding the coolness of these glasses!


  8. haha how cute! guys can always pull us girls down with our fancies and likes, ay. tell him he's gotta live with it anyhow. ;) x

  9. Hi cutie pie. Pretty sure you came into my work today with a one teaspoon dress...

    Wasn't sure if it was you so didn't wanna say anything.

    If it was you, the lady I was working with thinks you are STUNNING! (which you are) :P


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