Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dead worm dead worm!

What a pretty dead worm, probably the prettiest of all the dead worms I have ever seen! L looking dead and worm like at the Perth Blogger Meet up!! What a rad lady, her and Chow's bestfriendship is pretty much the best thing I have seen since sliced bread, and lets face it sliced bread means sandwiches and sandwiches ARE delicious.


  1. bwahahahaha!!

    that is all.

    i must say you are pretty awesome..

  2. oh my god!!! so glad we found your totally awesome face! Dead worm was certainly the highlight of the afternoon! hahahahahahah and the mug-wine.... mmmmmmm mug wine.... we NEED to have a sandwich party VERY VERY soon!! sandwich!!!

    oh p.s.... my word verification word this time was ducky... how cool is that! usually they are nonsense. I lovde ducks and duckys are better!!

  3. Mmmm I like pretty ladies dressed in pretty dead wormedness..

  4. This looks lovely I wish I was able to make it x

  5. i like those picnic mats. I would like to decorate my house in picnic checked mats


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