Sunday, February 27, 2011

engagementy times.............

Some snaps from the engagement party last night, had good times, because it was an incredibly fun outfit!
Also spent a good part of the night explaining to strangers the amazement of the game Dead Worm, after seeing some kids who were lying on the floor playing it without even knowing they were playing it! I kept shouting at them YOUR PLAYING DEAD WORM! THAT IS MY FAVOURITE GAME.  They were quite amused. Yes, good times indeedy.

OneTeaspoon cape, Seed singlit dress, necklaces Diva & The Cat's Meow, Sportsgirl boots


  1. The dasies in your hair make this magical outfit even lovlier, you look gorgeous!

  2. oh woza! dead worm certainly is becoming viral! BEST GAME EVER!!!

    and just wow! I can imagine the fundafullness of that delicious outfit! I can imagine floating around like a pretty princess and swishing the capey, cape and feeling wonderful! well done little lady! well done in deeed!

  3. Ahhh that cape is the best thing I have seen all day hun!! soo super pretty xx

  4. wow weeee
    you look like a magic princess !

  5. oh my gosh abs you looked AMAZING!!!!!! argh i new you would! you hot bitch! this cape is the greatest thing in the world... ever.... to ever be... ever... ever ever...

  6. awesome blog really amazing during search of shoe shop I found this blog

  7. Really nice outfit! It looks good on you especially with that lip color.

  8. what a magical fun dress! i love the color. and daisys are always a great friend. :)
    peace & love!

  9. great outfit!

  10. How did I miss this post..?! This is the dreamiest of dreamy outfits. That cape is just magical! (again, I want it haha). All my fave colours too.. I've been looking for a dress just like that one forever, and now I need to hunt down that cape.

    x x x x


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