Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here are some pictures of my new underwear, yes RAUNCHY.  Posting my undies all over the net for ALL to see!  But they ARE new and they ARE pretty and they DO function entirely as a useful calendar. 

 Everytime I'm unsure of what day it is, all I need to do is take my pants off! And then seeing as its located on the back at the top, I have to walk around in circles until I can catch a glimpse, much like a puppy chasing its tail...and its not awkward or embarrassing at all, especially when it happens at work.


  1. thems some mighty awesome undies!

  2. hahaha, you're such a doll! i love your sense of humor :D :D
    and these undies are the prettiest thingies really!

  3. Hhahahaha your hilarious!
    They are so cute tho AND they come in a box...what more could you want.

    ps.your welcome to our movie marathons anytime :)


  4. ahaha that's SO cute.
    the box is amazing, I've never bought undies in a box before :O


  5. Oh stompface, you are adorable. I don't know how I haven't been following you on twitter until tonight. x


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