Thursday, January 20, 2011

well yes I do like painting my nails................

In case you haven't noticed I'm a bit obsessed with painting my nails different colours....I never used to bother with it, but much like a delicous savoury tin held snack once you pop you can't stop, and by pop I mean start.

The bag in the first picture was from Sportsgirl, and as much as I love that place this was the worst bag I have ever purchased, within a week the lining was falling apart and the buckle has fallen off today I bought it in September... it's a sad day.... now that I'm employed again, I will be purchasing a new bag ASAP!! Bags are very important, where else am I going to keep my kitchen sink?


  1. I love painting my nails different colours too!

  2. Your nails look beautiful and that bunny ring is amazing!


  3. It might just be how it looks in these photos, but does this colour remind you of that Von Dutch hat we had all those years ago?? x


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