Sunday, January 2, 2011


Isn't it strange, I'm not quite sure how that happened, I'm not quite sure where 2010 went. I was thinking about what I would do with my wedding dress yesterday and I figured I might as well keep it so that one day I could it pass down to a daughter or a granddaughter perhaps, and then I was laughing because I would be like "This dress is vintage 2010!" and it sounded so ridiculous.

Here are some happy snaps from my new years, mine was quite a calm one, playing Beatles rockband at my sister's, surprisingly not drinking too much and falling asleep at 1 on the bed with the light on on top of the covers with my camera in my hand.  When I woke up in the morning I was still holding the camera, and apparently my husband and brother in law came in around 2am and marvelled that I could sleep with the bright light on top of the covers with my camera still in my hand.

Hope your new years was lovely....


  1. Great snaps. I love your sheer maxi skirt.

  2. You guys sure look like you know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing the fun pics.

    Happy New Year,


  3. Your New Year sounds and looks lovely! I wish you all the best in 2011. :D

  4. glad you had such a magical new years! a mark of a fantastic night is definitely falling asleep with the lights on and camera in hand!

    very much crushing on your skirt too, loves it sheer and short!

  5. I do find falling alseep in odd places the most amusing thing. Paul often would be asleep kneeling next to our bed, silly boy.

    I had a very mild start to the new year. I find being hungover on the first day of the year depressing, and made a resolution not to do it this year:)

    Thanks for the blog love gorgeous X

  6. Nice idea about your wedding dress sweet!




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