Friday, January 7, 2011

All I want in life is some popcorn.......

But alas, I am far too lazy to acquire some.  Singing and dancing popcorn is the best kind.  Delicious Delicious.

I pretty much live in this white sheer dress....definite go to outfit when I am completely uninspired. Nothing better than a whimsical white dress.  I rediscovered some pink lipstick I bought a while back that I haven't really worn yet today too.  I love finding old treasures.  I'll post a better photo of it later.

On a completely unrelated note, how awesome are porcupines!!

Anyhoo I'm going to go continue watching St Trinian's, the outfits and hair on it are inspiring me a lot actually!

hat sportsgirl, dress dotti


  1. i had so much popcorn today i had to throw the left overs out!
    i now feel very guilty in a 'starving kids in africa' kinda way.

    adore your blog... and floaty white dresses!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! Yes, nothing better than a white whimsical dress, agreed :)
    Have a loveliest day, xxx

  3. oh Sweeeettt!!! We shall name today... DOTTI DRESS DAY! :D Cuz i wore mine toooooo, for a car trip!

    What a sweet bunch of singing popcorn sweetness with a porcupine eating it xo

  4. oh you look so adorable.. i forgot to mention your lipstick that you were wearing today but it looked absolutely fantastic! suited you so perfectly. you looked very very pretty today! weeeeeeeeeeeeee! love love xx

  5. Abby Abby Abby I bought this exact same bed the other day! Isn't it wonderful? And I was planning on putting some fairy lights through mine too. Great minds think alike ;) This is such a pretty photo.

    Also I think porcupines are pretty great. When I was 3 all I wanted to do was sing Old Macdonald but the only animal he seemed to have was a porcupine. lol.

  6. Love that gorgeous white dress! so chic :)

  7. @ Samantha - I'm so jealous of your popcorn times! Thanks for the blog love.

    @ Sophia - Whyy thankyou

    @ Matea - and you have a loveliest day also!

    @ Becky Jean - Yayyy dress snap!!

    @ Hannah - oh han han I love you so very much.

    @ The Velvet Bow - bed snap!! its such a beautiful bed! yay for ikea! and also for porcupines, 3 year old you was a wise one.

    @ Potpiedumonde - Thankssss :)


  8. your bed suite is so gorgeous!
    & cute hat girl!


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