Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's 3 o'clock and I'm already in my pyjamas.....

Because that is just how I roll!

I am having glorious nighty times with a glass of wine right now after an enormously stressful day, going on job interviews.  Job interviews are not my number one fun thing to do at all.  I get super nervous and forget how to do things like breathe and speak.... it's quite awkward indeed.  If anyone in P-town would love to give me a job minus the interviews that would be lovely!

Pj's and wine are a little too least my pjs make me feel like a sailor.  At my last job I used to have Sailor Moon fridays, where I would wear blue and white stripey clothes and do my hair up just like Sailor Moon.  Sailor Moon is awesome! Perhaps I will have a Sailor Moon Friday on the blog soon!  Word on the street is Friday is tomorrow, but I'm not a calendar so who knows.

p.s  Just realised this is my 600TH POST! Holy Moly!


  1. I'm actually horrible at job interviews too. My brain works so much quicker than my mouth, so I end up jumbling words and sounding like a loser who can't speak properly.

  2. So pretty!
    Love your hair style!

  3. wheeeeee!!!! 600th post! congrats girly girl!

    loving pjs they are literally the first thing I jump into the moment I get in the door!

    go pj power!

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  5. Good luck!
    Im on the job hunt too, and i always get paranoid that the person interviewing me can see down my top or up my skirt.. oh and that i might have something in my teeth.

  6. Aww! Best of luck on the job interviews! I get exactly the same for about the first 5 minutes then relax in to it and don't stop talking! Yikes!

    When I first moved back to Perth and was in dire need of work, i went to Winteringham i think it was called, a Temp agency in Subi.
    You go in, talk to the lady, tell her your qualifications, and within a week she sent me out on my first 3 week temp job, and i was offered permanent work there!
    Its pretty good cuz you move from job to job... 3 weeks here, 1 month there... and you never get less than $20 an hour! Should check em out! xx

  7. OH and no stressful interviews for each job - just talk once to the agency and they send you on your way to every one! :D

  8. SAILOR MOON!!! ahh the memories...

    i get super nervous at interviews too...i'm so glad i'm still a student, still have a while until i have to get a real job!


  9. i want to be in my pj's. :)
    cute blog!


  10. omg SAILOR MOON!! i'm waiting for someone to throw a fancy dress party, as I always wanted to dress up as sailor moon! how weird is this haha

    just stumbled upon your blog! glad to come across another aussie.

    dont stress too much over the job interviews - just imagine they're in their underwear! works every time haha

    a new follower!

    come stop by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  11. so pretty make up and hair!
    and lovely blouse-hello sailor ;)

  12. ur hair is so beautiful! really lovely blog, loved reading through all your posts. x

  13. You have such good hair!

    Love Grace.

  14. One word for your hair.. WOW!
    I went to loads of interview before I actually got one. If you need RETAIL interview answers I know loads which you can say for your future ones..Let me know.

    My Blog:
    My Shop Blog:

  15. Thanks for all the tips and blog love ladies!

    @ April Rose - I hope you are having more success than me at the job hunt!

    @ Becky Jean - Thanks for the tip I will check them out, I have been to a few recruitment agencies but they haven't been very helpful so far.

    @ Chow - Don't ever get a real job they are no fun :)

    @ Black Swan - hahah Sailor Moon forever!

    @ Ariana, Lady Charlie, Callahan, Grace and Girlbehindmasquerade - Thanks for the hair love! I've been growing it forever.


  16. Oh, I sincerely sympathize on the job interviews. They make me terribly nervous, trembly and nauseous. I'm okay on paper, yet not very well-spoken.

    PJs at 3 o'clock are entirely normal in my world. I don't bother to dress before dinner, unless I'm going out.

    HOLY MOLY is right! I'm headed for your blog archives after this to reread your first post and remember where it all began. Oh, memories!

    Yes, yes, we've been blogger buddies (I don't know if I like "buddies", um, chums? Comrades? Companions? Friends is less catchy, however, classic, I'll go with that) for an awfully long time, and I'm so glad for it! The blogosphere wouldn't be the same sans Stompface aka Something About Dinosaurs aka you. Here's to 600 more entries of awesome!

    And rewinding to the first sentence of your comment, "genius" is a generous exaggeration, nonetheless, thank you, you're awfully kind, my dear. <3


    P.S. Didn't we once go on back and forth about driving, driver's ed., getting a license? At least, I think it was you, and I think that was one of our original conversations together!

    P.P.S. This celebratory post evoked a lot of reminiscing in me, memory lane is a long one ...

  17. you look so beautiful!! oh my pretty pretty bff :) xx

  18. Just wanted to say thanks for your sweet message hun. :)
    Im starting new job on monday, and DO NOT WANT TO GO!!! Arghh. Dread. I'm wishing on all my little stars in the sky that I get this job at Saba that I applied for.

    What jobs are you going for? Interviews are wank.

    On a happier note, you hair is incredible... I wish mine was that long... I use to have the most glorious long brown healthy hair,before i hacked it all off in my stupid teenage state.

    I need a magical growth product, reg trims aren't cutting it.


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