Sunday, January 30, 2011

storms are myth.........................

It has been crazy crazy hot weather here, so I have resorted to living in little white summer dresses.  This one is particularly old and ratty, with the straps having to be sewn up several times, having been covered with furniture varnish when my husband decided it would be a good idea to varnish our outdoor setting right next to the washing... it also has some mystery pink stains on it that I think came from mixing something red in the wash.  Poor little dress, it has some stories to tell, but it is so so comfy and perfect on a ridiculously hot day.  We keep having storm warnings but so far nothing has hit where I live!  All I want to do is go on adventures but everyone is wary of the storm.......


  1. I'm actually slightly disappointed in the lack of a cyclone.. all this hot weather for nothing!

  2. What a lot of Virgin Suicides style lovliness! But you are absolutely right about white dresses being perfect for Australian weather, I mean there is a reason that half of my dresses are all white - it's because its so stinking hot most of the year! I've been dreading the cyclone warnings quite a fair bit because I really don't want it to flood again...

  3. i love dresses like these, all big and flowy. i would live in clothes like that if i could!
    i'm meant to be having dinner on the coast tonight but there's warnings that the storm will start at makes me nervous!


  4. you are some sort of something. I hope you slept well last night after our little scare! arghhhhh x

  5. And a pretty white dress it is =)

    xx Thessy & Yiota
    .sabo skirt. - OPENING MARCH!


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