Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo Diary 2...............

Oh yes Australia Day times! Sure it seems like a good idea at the TIME to drink two bottles of wine on an empty stomach, but boy am I paying for it today!! Getting up to go to work was so fun that my eyes and ears bled constantly and I attracted many a look of horror. The lesson, boys and girls, is too much wine will leave you feeling like life can only be good when a giant singing and dancing cheese burger shows up at your door step and serenades the seediness away.....

I didn't get too many good photos on Aus day, maybe due to the wine, but hopefully some of my friends got some so I can show you later! Yes yes that will be pleasant for all involved.

Photo 1:  Frankie diary, what a nice kangaroo to greet me on this day of Australianess!
Photo 2: A potato salad! Yes I made it myself, Yes it was delicious! This is before I mixed it all together.  It looked prettier like that.
Photo 3: My hat! It goes on my head! It is grey, no matter how hard I try I CANNOT get rabbits to come out of it, but all the same it is a fun hat.
Photo 4: A bowl of chips!  I like them because they are yellow and also because they remind me of the duck cake from the old Women's Weekly birthday cake book.  Remember that duck? You used two chips to make a beak, it was rad.
Photo 5: Oh look it is I! I promise I began the day looking like some kind of beautiful well dressed creature, but then I ditched the good stuff went swimming and acquired the lovely and well sought after 'drowned rat look'.
Photo 6:  It is my husband! He is nice, he is standing with his arms out straight and it all looks very magical because the sun is shining brightly.


  1. Ohhh no the dreaded post- Aus Day hangover! Glad you had a good Australia Day though, it is such a nice holiday and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy and want to go pat and hug kangaroos :D

  2. I love the women's weekly birthday cake! Was obsessed with it and made my poor grandma cook me cakes when it wasn't my bday ahah. Hope you're feeling better lovely :)

  3. Oh I wish i had spent some Australia day fun with you! I love your photo diaries you pretty pretty lady! x

  4. Love that old Birthday Cake Book! I never chose the Duck cake - I thought his curly popcorn hair was a bit odd!


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