Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today was wonderful, I had the most glorious of adventures with a great old friend.  We both wore little white dresses so it must have been destiny! We ate the most delicious food imaginable, and went shopping and then drank at a nice new bar.  It was lovely.  I also finally got my hands on Lula, I was so happy that doves appeared and performed acrobatics all about the book store.  I also finally got a new bag, the last one was on its very last legs, which is saying something because bags don't generally have legs!  It is very giant and very pretty so I can fit all kinds of important things in there like sinks and lipstick.  Once I got it home I realised that it reminds me a lot of Hanhan's bag actually! They can be friends Hanhan!


  1. Oh it is a beautiful bag indeed! Our bags can sing and skip together and tell each other how pretty they are because of their wonderful similarities.. kinda like we do haha. I wish to have cuddle time with that magazine of beauty! I'm glad you finally got a new bag! You should give your old bag to zippy to build a house out off so she can plan he devilish schemes against us all in peace... xxx

  2. hehe i have that bag in tan! its so lovely! x

  3. I love this bag! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!


  4. This issue is sooo good, the dancing is justified!


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