Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harry Potter In The Summer Time............

My husband says that these glasses make me look like Harry Potter in the summer time, which is alright by me, because I heart on Harry quite a lot.  He is amazing, for a while I was really obsessed with this Harry Potter PS3 game, to the point where I was nearly trying to do spells in real life, I'd be walking down the street and I'd go to pull out an invisible wand and be all "Accio!"  Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen I am an extemely cool person.

P.s Just noticed this post on Mr Bird by Samantha Wills, love her work so that is amaze!


  1. Sometimes it's fun to imagine something the dainty little hearts.


  2. Hehe, I do the same thing when I'm baking. I point my wooden spoon at my brothers and shout "avada kedavra" fully expecting them to pretend to fall down.. but they ever do.

    Cute hearts on your hand.

  3. I would take that as a compliment because harry potter is amazing!!
    Rianna xxxx

  4. Love the hearts!! and i love those sunglasses :)

  5. The nailpolish is supercute.

    Happy new year!
    xx W

  6. haha family/boyfriends always say the weirdest things about clothingpieces.. my dad told me I looked like mermaid with my maxi skirt on:p

  7. We love those sunnies!

    Your Friends,

  8. Big fan of the half tint!

    Love Grace.

  9. love the hearts you look so cute

    stop by sometime<3

  10. banging half tints! way too hot to be in any way related to harry potter, unless that floats your boat

    vanessa, x

  11. Those glasses never looked so good on Harry! Just discovered your blog, and love love love the sun-drenched, happy, funny spirit of it. p.s. what colour are you wearing on your nails? It's so pale and perfect in this shot - just what I've been looking for!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  12. Hot harry lady...

    congrats miss on samantha wills site xx


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