Sunday, January 16, 2011

Together We Are Unstoopable............

"They were going to think we we were really....old....ugly....serial killers.... but we were young hot serial killers....."

Hannah & Abby


  1. hahahahah.. oh chatroulette! hours of entertainment waiting to be had! :) I will put my pics up soon! miss you scabbles xx

  2. you guys are adorable!! and both your skirts are too cute...i love overly feminine stuff like that xx

  3. i cannot even see you or your friend as that bed spread has taken over me eyes. and my eyes love it

  4. You two are too cute! Love the Ballerina skirts.


  5. awww as best friends go you two look perfect! The overly feminine lovey doveyness is perfectly whimsical.

    Crushing on Han's pretty dress and your perfect skirt. I do wants them, both. They would be very happy with me :P


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