Friday, January 14, 2011

old school abbs..............

I've been going through and scanning a bunch of old disposable camera shots from HanHan, from when we were around 16 - 18.... Here is a shot of me when I dyed my hair brown! I went pretty much black after that, oh super market hair dye you are not my friend!  Oh the hair dye adventures we had!

Once Han dyed my hair packet blonde, and it went this intense orange/yellow/radioactive colour! It was so bad as soon as we had done it we were like we need more hair dye! So we ran down to the service station at 10.30 at night my hair covered in a Von Dutch hat! But alas there was no hair dye there...but I did find 50 dollars on the ground! So the next day I used by free money to fix my hair to a normal blonde at the hairdressers.  We learned a lot of hair dye lessons those years.....

We also used to hang out taking pictures in like Target/Kmart a lot (hence the plates in the background) and for some reason we used to always do photoshoots in change rooms of us in maternity wear.  Yes we were normal kids. 

I may post some more old school photos, but they are pretty embarrassing!


  1. PRETTY!! The golden brown colour looks great on you! :)

  2. What a beautiful old photo!
    I love finding old photos I have forgotten about and reminiscing.
    Your hair looks nice brown (Though also beautiful blonde!)


  3. oh yes we learnt lots of hair life lessons that year.... what an adventure! this photo makes me smile! so old school :) love xxx

  4. so cute!! you definitely pull it off! love this shot :)


  5. zomg sooooo cute! you look great with darker hair!

    I loved teenage hairdye adventures! The first time L decided to go red, she was 16 and it was 10 at night whilst hanging with one of her best friends B. They were already in the midst of dying her tips purple, when the genius idea of red came upon her (probably from the horrible slasher movie they were watching, with quite a fetching looking red head in it)

    So after L's purple was done they trekked down to the 24hour chemist and bought some bleach and red dye.

    An hour later the bottom half of L's hair was green.

    Moral of the story. Dont bleach over purple unless you want to cut all your hair off.

    L was not very happy with her new bob.

  6. That really suits you!!
    I went light once.. its just hard to keep up with it, and expensive!
    But you suit it you cutey brown chocolate choc chip baby!! mwah!

  7. i like your brown dyed hair! i want to dye mine but i dont think i have the guts lol

    Vi from Cali

  8. Wow you looked lovely with dark brown hair, but I love you so much as a blonde too!
    Speaking of hair dye adventures, pretty much every second time I do my roots I have a hair dye this morning!
    If only hair dressers weren't such scoundrels and didn't charge $40 - $80 to fix a teensy bit of regrowth *sigh*

  9. This is so great! I love old school photos...more...more! I was 'normal' bestie and I would put on formal gowns and take pictures in the fitting rooms. i'm sure the people that worked there didn't think we were as cute as we thought we were...


  10. I really like this fringe on you, and that is such a pretty shade of brown.

    I won't even begin on all the hair adventures I too had when I was a youngun!

  11. OMG I hate looking through my school pics, they're SO embarrassing - this one of you looking like though.

    Glad I never tried to dye my hair packet blond, I'd thought about it a couple times, I probably would've gone green or something haha

  12. I love remeniscing. (don't think i even spelt that word right just... ha). I've been going htrough my baby photos and my old school books. they're so sweet ha.



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