Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magazines, one of the loves of my life..............

Have been obsessed with magazines since I was just a small child and first laid my eyes on Girlfriend and Dolly! And I am still obsessed with magaiznes now! Although I have moved on from Dolly and Girlfriend.  I can't explain the joy and excitement I get when a new magazine comes out!  The latest Russh is particularly lovely..............


  1. i stumbled across your blog from a fellow blogging friend and i've got to say, i love your title! i love dinosaurs! i can't wait to follow and check out your posts!


  2. so lovely, i imagine those to be filled of magical things. we dont have those ones in the us but sometimes i find them at the book store. :)
    peace & love.

  3. I love how these photos turned out, the floral background is super pretty <3


  4. Oh RUSSH is always one of our number 1's too!


  5. Must get my hands on the new Russh. I've seen sneaky peeks and it looks so good!

  6. i love that nylon cover! i just wish magazines were not so expensive ;( my poor student bank account doesnt allow for the buying of that goodness.. x

  7. Yen is amazing (bambi looks so gorgeous in that issue) and CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on neew Russh yewww! lovely photos too x

  8. you make me want to buy magazines.. or at least read your mountain of magazines x

  9. I'm exactly the same; I used to religiously buy Dolly & Girlfriend every month, never mind that they were both pretty much the same magazine!! Then graduated to Cleo & Comso. Now it's anything and everything!

    God I dread to think how much money I've spent on magazines over the years! Eep!


  10. i used to keep all my old magazines but they began to take over my entire house so last year i threw most of them away :( kinda regret it now!

  11. Ohh I remember reading dolly and girlfriend in year 6 and hoping to one day win the face competitnion, the evolving to cosmo and cleo and every trashy gossip magazine possible, to morphing to russh, frankie, vogue etc....ohh thank lord paul has got me subscriptions to most otherwise i would be even more broke than i already am

    cant wait till next month hun. :)



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