Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giant Octopus + Fairy Floss... what more could you want in life??

Late night sketching, had the image of a giant octopus wielding fairy floss in my head, so put it to paper.... Poor Giant Octopus, your fairy floss has become all soggy and ocean salty tasting.  One day you will evolve to land and eat as much delicious fairy floss as you like, or humans, whatever floats your boat!!


  1. I think I would definitely prefer the octopus to stick to fairy floss instead of humans. Much more sugary goodness that way :)

  2. True to the first comment. Awesome drawing with all the tiny lines details!

  3. OoO fairy floss and fairy bread.. why are all fabulous treats starting with fairy? strange...

  4. more sketches! i use to doodle girls with octopus hair hehe


  5. very cute post! great sketch you are very talented!

  6. Oh, is fairy floss the Australian name for what we call cotton candy? This is such a lovely little drawing! Do you think the octopus will share some of that fairy floss with me? Then again if it's already soggy, perhaps not.

    So it was you! Hurrah memory! Yes, after dragging out driver's ed (by failing to attend the sessions regularly) for like a year or more, I got my license a couple years ago ... and then I wrecked my car 6 days after, did I tell you that? It was put back together though, like Humpty Dumpty.

    I don't mind driving on lovely, open, rural roads ... crowded roads though, oh no! I've accidently run two red lights in less than two weeks ... I think I'm a terrible driver!

    And oh yes, I have no navigation sense! People tell me, "Oh, you can't get lost, it's really simple ... " and then I'm lost for like two hours, haha. Part of my problem is I can't remember road names or interstate names, I merely refer to them by things located nearby, like "the road with that weird tree" or "the one with the McDonalds next to the gym" or haha.


  7. Yay! your sketching again! Its awesome! This one makes me want fairy floss... yum

  8. Lovely sketch, you are so talented :).

  9. Lucky giant Octopus.. I would happily go 8 servings of salty fairy floss rite about now. Mmm mmm..!!

    x x x x

  10. What a great sketch! I want it in a pretty frame above my sewing machine!

    Poor Octopus...


  11. So cute. Ha ha, indeed it would taste salty. Poor fellow. I do like your sketches.

  12. Lol I absolutely adore this! I want to print it out and hang it on my wall! :)


  13. this makes me ridiculously happy :)
    catching up on all your super hot posts lady! love that felt hat of yours x

  14. hahaha hilarious! you've got mad drawing skills!i get the same sort of delirious feeling late at night.

    vanessa, x


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