Wednesday, June 22, 2011

delicious delights of deliciousness...........

In case you have something severely wrong with you which causes you to have never read my blog before, then you would know quite a lot of my deep love for Market HQ. Sometimes when just thinking of Market HQ my eyes weep with joy, and I think of them a lot because I am always ALWAYS thinking of my next shopping adventure.
Expect a plethora of outfit posts to come from this ridiculous package of amazement. A PLETHORA!

The only downside to receiving this package was that I wasn’t home when it came and had to pick it up from the local depot. Unfortunately for me I have no sense of direction what so ever and occasionally have to rely on google maps. Google maps failed me quite greatly last time I had to collect a package from there as it sent me on this stupidly long journey and told me to go through roads that didn’t even connect. It was quite an emotional adventure, of me crying and banging my head on the steering wheel and calling Mr Stompface on my phone loudspeaker screaming WHERE IS I!!?? WHERE IS I!!?? I ended up turning a 20 minute trip into an hour and a half trip. I was late back to work where everyone gathered round to hear of my torturous journey and didn’t laugh at me for ages hardly at all. The moral of the story kids, is never EVER leave your house, and never ever trust internet maps.
p.s In case you were wondering this trip to the depot was a great success! I did not get lost at all, and greatly amused the lady working there because she thought my name was "Blogger".


  1. Hahaha, I so would have done something like that!

    Mannnn stop flaunting all your Market HQ purchases and purchases in general, major jealousy over here!

  2. ohhhh i love those prints.
    i hate picking parcels up - it makes my soul cry x

  3. i want to see all your new purchasesssssssssssssssss x

  4. We really cannot WAIT to see these goodies on you!

    Your buy made us all a little jealous.


  5. Oh I loved your little story... You know how we got the MArket HQ singlets for doing that blog post... They dropped at a depot over 30minutes from my house I dont drive so I gave up on that singlet :(

    Glad you got your collection of goodies! In the meantime I love that the lady called you blogger!


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