Sunday, June 26, 2011

wildfox x breo x goodtimes x stompface...............

So I wore this today on many adventures, we went and ate delicious vietnamese treats with my parents, and hung out with my brother and his family in the afternoon. Good golly my niece and nephew ARE ADORABLE.  Yes siree!!

Gosh I can’t even explain in words how much love I have for Wildfox. They can do no wrong! Am so obessed by their blog and their always beautiful look books. I always want to climb inside them and live there forever. But even with such intense love for them, I still had never actually owned any of their beautiful wares. I got this beauty from Market HQ and it is a new obsession for suresies!

Look look!! It is a beautiful watch!! It is on my wrist!! It is very good at telling the time!!! This beautiful white Breo watch makes my heart soar with happiness. I have wanted a new white watch for some time, so it fulfills all my life long dreams and fantasy’s.

My only complaint about this watch would probably be that it doesn’t have the ability to teleport you. Yes, disappointing I know. But it is quite proficient in telling the time. Unless you are like me and you wore it around all day on Eastern States time without realizing. In which case, it is quite proficient in telling you what the time would be if you were in Sydney which I was not.

But when I realised I got Mr Stompface to adjust the time for me, as I am incapable of such things and now all is well! I can prance about with an increased in beautifulness looking wrist and also know what time it is! This combined with my days of the week underwear, I CAN NEVER GET CONFUSED.
Anyhoo, check out Breo’s website for many more watches. They have such a huge range it is quite overwhelming but wonderful all at the same time!

watch Arica Breo, tee Wildfox via Market HQ, skirt Princess Polly, boots & necklace via Market HQ, belt Mooloola


  1. i lovelovelove those boots! and your hair is looking super pretty xx

  2. Argh.. you look crazy pretty here! i love your outfit!! :)

  3. Hahahaha you babe. You look AMAZE! Absolute doll. xx



  5. lovely! i lovvvve your lace skirt/dress. its beautiful. love your blog! new follower :)


  6. Pretty! How mad are those boots? :)


  7. I am in sheer LOVE with that skirt my dear. I must have it for myself! Love the watch too x

  8. Love it!! I love your outfit, and I love that watch! I never wanted a white watch before but now I do, I soo do.


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