Sunday, June 12, 2011


Would love a pair of these, if only they would internationally ship them... I've been asking my husband for a pair of rollerskates for christmas ever since we first met, and I STILL haven't got any yet.. geez!


  1. oh dude. Husband MUST get on this ASAP. My bro bought me a white pair last year for my birthday and I am STILL looking for someone to skate with! Gimme his mobile number and I will text him EVERY day till he comes home with a pair for you!

    Then we can skate till our hearts are content and have wheels!

  2. Ohh I saw a white pair in an opshop a few weeks ago and I wanted to buy them but had no use for them as I can't skate for toffee. Too bad! You know, there's always Rollerways...

  3. OH MY GOD I want those too, mint green! my brain just exploded. thanks!


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