Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding feature...................

You can check out my wedding featured at The Lane, just click on the link

The Lane is a beautiful wedding website, that I wish I had discovered when I planned my wedding!  But will be very useful to those of you who are wedding planning!

Thanks to my lovely photographers Christine Lim (for hooking this up) & Ruby Yeo! Such adorable ladies!


  1. Helloooo

    I love your hair and your dress in these photos....I wanna get married but weddings always look so cheesy and wedding hair and dresses never appeal to me so this is really inspiring! Might have to go suss out that hairdresser in kardinya!!

    Great photos dude! :)

  2. aww this feature is so gorgeous! :)
    xx cindy

  3. awwwww just cannot get over how wonderfully whimsical and fairy like your wedding was! just beautiful! and look! you even got a feature on it!!! congrats and I hope you have fantastic memories of your beautiful day forever and ever and ever! :D


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