Saturday, June 11, 2011

chop chop chop..............

So I chopped off half of my hair, quite literally about half ot it as it was down to my hips.... I feel so relieved now, it was like this itch I just wanted to chop it all off because it was super ratty and annoying and I was so bored of it.  It is super healthy and lovely now, if you ever pass me on the street you should definitely stroke it because it feels beautiful.  I promise not to be weirded out... I love a good friendly stranger.

anyhoo it is good to have a change, I wish I had gone a bit shorter even....

do you like magic? I mean my hair....

Will get some better shots of it this weekend... I didn't get any good ones yesterday and I'm pretty gosh darn lazy, but I will do my best, I have many outfittys to dazzle your eyes with also.

now I'm going to lounge around drink some winey and watch copious amounts of trashy reality tv!
IT IS GOOD. Now if only the husband would stop nagging me everything would be perfect, haha.

one teaspoon cape, nobody shorts, cotton on singlit, sportsgirl necklaces


  1. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! that length really suits you miss xx

  2. OH MY GOH! The bravery.. The BALLS.. and it looks UNREAL!
    Man I wish I could do the chop chop, but I so can't look this hot with half chopped off magic hair.
    Love love love it lady!


  3. wow! your hair looks so stunning and silky and shiny and gorgeous (just to break up the s's haha)
    xx Cindy
    Origami Roses

  4. Everyone is changing their hair at the moment, and meanwhile I just wish mine would grow faster!!!
    Love the curls. :)


  5. why do you long haired babes do that? chop it all of we short haired babes just dream of having hair long like you? but, you look great! :)) if i ever meet you on the street i'll surely touch the magic, haha :D

  6. your hair looks amaaaaazing! i cant believe you worked up the courage to do it. i know so many of my friends with super long hair who agonise over this for yearrrrrs (although for all i know you have too). but it does look fabulous. if only you could like magically transfer your lost locks to me so mine could be ten times longer & ten times thicker. *sigh. x

  7. You look AWESOME! Good move.

  8. Wow it really suits you! Youre so very beautiful!

    Nice to find another great perth blog <3

  9. wowza! hello miss sexy kitten! Just look at you! AMAZE!!! AH-MAZE!!!

    definitely envy your guts. I could never cut my hair! Although sometimes I just want to cut it all off pixie styles!


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