Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hooray! I purchased the new Lula today!  Lula is by far my favourite magazine.  It is a magical dreamland of wonderfulness. AND WHO COULD SAY NO TO THAT.  No one, no one in the world.

I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to magazines.  And I like them to all be kept in pristine condition.  This one had a silly air freight sticker right over the gold Lula letters and ripped off part of the a.. BLASPHEMY I tells ya.  It was quite upsetting.  But it's a hard magazine to come by in P-Town so you take what you can get!

p.s. how good are trackpants.. off topic I know, but my husband bought me some yesterday and they are freakin comfortable.  What a good husband.  Too bad I went on a little shopping spree today and now he's very mad at me haha. Oh dear.

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