Sunday, June 26, 2011

early birthday adventures....

Had many an adventure last night with my brother in law and soon to be sister in law!  We had early celebrations for my birthday which was very nice of them!  We hit up the raffles, and besides me dropping an empty champagne glass near a lady, it was wonderful. Actually it was pretty hilarious when I knocked that glass over, I have never seen two people so angry in all my life! It was a tiny accident, the glass was empty and it didn't break or hit them!! But they were so so mad at me!! No matter how many times I appologised I've never had so many evil eyes in my life.

I wore this floaty sheer maxi dress that reminds me of a 70's dream, Mr Stompface did not like it and looked at me in disgust... It made me very sad.  I didn't get a full shot of it so you can't really give me your opinion.  But a strange lady at the Raffles told me I looked really nice and she loved my dress, and me a little crazily was like DO YOU REALLY LIKE IT REALLY because my husband does not TELL ME MORE OF HOW YOU LIKE MY DRESS.  I'm not going to lie it was pretty weird of me.

Anyhoo, so after I knocked the glass over we decided to head back home and have drink times there.  It was wild, we played Scattergories and NO ONE would let me use my very creative and clever answers.  The boys decided to weigh themselves on a whim, and my husband was being his brother's arms whilst we played hand clap games, It was beautiful.

All nights should end up as wonderful and funny as these ones.  And props to Tego who was not the first to pass out! You can see her in the background of that first shot. And check out Mr Stompface's beard!! Everyone knows beards give you many magical abilities! Hooray for beards!

dress & shoes Sportsgirl, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ


  1. aww sounds like a fun-eventful night! i think the dress looks lovely on you

  2. Mr Stompface is indeed a silly silly man, your dress is dreeeeeamy :)
    Florals 4 EVA!!!

  3. i absolutely adore this sequence of photos (they look so divine and give a vintage feel) and reading of your whimsical adventures! mine is i would really appreciate it if you had a look and let me know what you think! xoxo


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