Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in the bag?

Today on my very successful shopping trip, I bought a new (in the words of Hanhan) Frodo Baggins... It is a beautiful bag in one of my very favourite ever colours a grey bluey colour.  Yes it is nice.  You can put things in it.. as I was swapping over my stuff from my filthy old bag, I thought it was a good opportunity for a "In the bag" post.  I've been a fan of sneaking a peek inside people's bags ever since Dolly and or Girlfriend had a feature in their magazine like it back in my primary school days...
  • Shiny new bag - Forever New
  • Frankie diary - super super pretty but has gotten a little worse for wear living inside my bag
  • Pen - this pen is for writing in the above, IT IS SO INKY it reminds me of an octopus.  We used these pens for our guests notes at our wedding, they are dreamy.
  • Car Keys - no matter how hard I try to invent teleportation it still isn't happening. I need these to get places.. driving isn't fun.
  • Shades - I broke these only a few days was sad. they literally fell right off my face...
  • Jacobs by Marc Jacobs purse - courtesy of Tankle this purse is the cause of constant arguments between my husband and I.  He does not like the notes to get creased. Haha he is slightly OCD about that for some reason.
  • Mr Ipod - he delivers beautiful music directly to my ears, what a nice man.
  • Samsung Phone - in other words NOT an Iphone. One time I went out with Hannah and we met all these ballerinas, and everyone had an IPhone but me and I felt like a loser.
  • Hair ties/bobby pins - millions of these at the bottom of my bag, they are especially useful when having Sailor Moon Friday at work, which involves doing my hair just like Sailor Moon and wearing Sailor stripes and colours.
  • Harajuku Lovers Perfume Music - it smells like I want to go to there.
  • Bronzer Brush - in the words of Nicole Richie "We bronze all the time, and that's why we look so sexy."
  • MAC lipstick in Morange - THIS IS SO ORANGE. Will outfit post this soon.
  • Benefit - Erase Paste (to cover my filthy man features)
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes - this smells like memories
  • 2 x handcreams - I am as obsessive about pristine magazines as I am about handcream, so weird about it putting it on all the time all day . It makes me crazy.
There is lot of other crap in my bag, but I thought I'd spare your lovely eyes from the filth.  Because I was so kind and let you live a life without seeing all the rubbish in my bag, perhaps you should like like like on facebook and bloglovin?!  This doctor says YES.


  1. Your new bag is soo pretty! I love it :D
    And I must say, Sailor Moon days at work sound amazing! Where do you work? :O
    xx Cindy
    Origami Roses

  2. pretty things & i love the purse!

  3. Yay to whats in the bag posts, they are so fun to read :D

    I love forever new bags, they are such great quality and last foreverrr literally! I have one that I bought when forever new first opened here in perth! how long ago was that? 6 years ago? *shrugs* but it's still in great shape! I think they have such elegant pretty looking bags! I'm using my new one that I bought for $25 at harbour town, woohoo love! and your grey blue bag is super sweet, I agree that is such a unique colour def a fav!

    I need to try and make my bag look this neat! gees mine is stuffed so full! I should limit what I bring with me so that my shoulder doesn't hurt wah :/ and yup my frankie diary has seen better days too the black ink from the colour is wearing off mine!

    are those hand creams the french ones that just started selling at target? if not which ones do you use? I'm in search for a good hand cream esp during winter my hands are so dry!


  4. I have morange too. tis tha bomb.

    also, those pens are so good hey! i loved writing with one.


  5. P.S. Oh wait, is that Dolce by MOR hand cream from Target? not the french one oopsie! :)

  6. I heart this post very much! Nearly as much as i love you! but not really, because it is just a blog post, and you are my best friend... so there shouldn't really be a comparison, anyway i feel if i dont control myself right now i could go on a very long rant, i even just had to delete a whole ranty rant. So i'm going to stop now. x

  7. i lovvee hand bag posts and i love that colour, perfect bag. your blog is so good!

  8. Ohh ! I love your blog, you now have a follower from Denmark ;)
    XoXo Rikke

  9. I enjoyed that little insight into the sanctuary of your purse.
    Cheers :)

    Ginger xx

  10. love your bag


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