Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the man made entirely out of hats...........

Hats! They go on my head. I once wrote a long story about a man who was made entirely out of hats, his name ironically was shoe. This hatty character even ended up being incorporated in one of my Mr Bird’s adventures, which you can see by clicking on this word with your mouse. Its quite simple it’s the clicky thing in your hand right now.

Meanwhile back in Stompface Land, Abby and Hannah had discussed in great depths of their obsession for each others blogs. It was a strange unexplainable obsession seeing as they know everything about each other already. But because their friendship and love was so deep they needed MORE more I tells ya. So to express our love and force a blog post, they decided to put millions of hats upon their head. It was glorious! See Hannah’s hatty post here.  Doing this made me realise I was missing two of my favourite hats :(

p.s I cannot comment on half the blogs these days, blogger WILL not let me! It is very very frustrating.  I'm not sure if it's my computer or blogger but I've had so much trouble even just posting these... Let's all send a million hints to Mr Stompface to buy me a nice Mac lappytop for my birthday which is in less than 2 weeks.  Go on all send psychic hints to him so he will get me one. Thanks.

poncho Sportsgirl, necklace MINKPINK via Market HQ, black singlit (fairly sure it was a man's tee I cut up),  beanie (I can't remember but I feel like Dangerfield or whatever that shop is called),  next two hats Sportsgirl, and boater from Dotti


  1. one can never have too many hats.
    or bow ties. x

  2. Oh how glorious! how much I did love these delicious joint posts! and extra joy! you discovered forgotten gems! how wonderful! cant wait to see more adventures soon :D

    P.S. my word verification today is "sperg" HAHA!

  3. HAT DATES HAT DATES. i miss you scabbles!!! yeah i have been having trouble commenting on some blogs as well! its driving me loco! i think there is something wrong with the blogiverse! x


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