Saturday, May 21, 2011

winter times...........

It is starting to get very wintery indeed in old P-town.  So I invested in these amazingly warm bed sock things from Sportsgirl a day or so ago. THEY ARE AMAZE.  So cosy and warm and they also are just kind of funny.  My dog wants to eat them and my cat is afraid of them, and my feeties are warm as some kind of thing that is very warm and cosy indeed.

speaking of wintery times going on adventures with hanhan tonight, and it is so hard to know what to wear in the cold when I have not invested in any wintery capey coaty jackety delights. arghhhh....


  1. Those look super duper rad. So much so that I might have to invest in a pair myself. I would totally rock them on my impending 24hr flight to the UK. In-flight style at its cosiest.

  2. Agree with your jacket/coat conundrum. Who ever said you don't need a coat in Perth was so wrong!! :P It is bloody freezing atm!

    xx S

  3. I'm going to pop over to sportsgirl and get a pair right this very moment!
    Thanks for sharing hehe


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