Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been really craving this colour lately, so I was pretty stoked to receive this magenta beauty via The Wonderland & Deshabille.  It is so delectable.  Super soft and such an amazing colour, has little pockets too but they are tucked in.  Will be wearing this bad boy a lot!!

I almost didn't get to even receive this sweater either, when Mr Stompface found this package in the mail he was not too happy thinking I was spending all our money again, haha, then later at night he revealed it and I said YAY PACKAGE! and he was very frowny indeed.

Also bought these shoes for half price this week! That was an exciting adventure, they are the same as a black pair I have that I literally wore until they died.. need to visit the Mr Fixit man sometime soon. They are very comfy for such high shoes.

Was so stumped on what colour to paint my nails today as well, ended up going with this minty colour and realised it looks super good next to the magenta sweater. HOORAY.  Outfit win I say.

Now off for romantic adventures with my oldest pal Han han.

sweater Deshabille, skirt Dotti, shoes/belt/necklaces Sportsgirl, Revlon nailpolish in Minted


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  2. Hey girl! SOOO can't take my eyes of your necklaces.. I love layering jewelries.. your crystalline + key necklace just go so well together :D


    ▲ Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE

  3. What a gorgeous colour, I only just realized I don't have anything in this shade, shame on me! I really love your skirt too, it's the perfect beige shade and the pleats are awesome :)

  4. I was wearing that exact same skirt tonight! Yippee!

  5. Killer swag! The colours together are perrrfection. love,love. x

  6. OH I LOVE!! The colour combo is wonderful, yay for minty goodness! xx

  7. love how you've styled the outfit, the bright top works well with the more neutral tones and keeps the outfit from being too loud.

  8. That colour looks banging on you missy! Very pretty indeed. I've been lusting over that necklace from Sportsgirl as well! Twinz. And wedges are so comfy no matter how high! Well usually anyway, I wore boot/wedges out last night and sort of wanted to die by the end of the night, but maybe that's just because I was completely sober? A rarity for me!
    Your comment was so cute by the way! Definitely made me "awwwwww!". So much for The Rapture! xx

  9. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this outfit! last night was a blast xx

  10. these colours are loving you, and i am loving them. its like a love triangle !


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