Monday, May 23, 2011

how is it that it is Monday already?

Absolutely nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and thinking it is the weekend still. Argh it hurts so much being forced to wake up, I DO NOT WISH TO GO TO WORK.  Please send me lots of wonderful messages today to keep me from being sad and bored...why do weekends have to end???

Had the most hilarious adventures with Hanskies on Saturday, making bets with a random Swedish guy who kept waving 5 dollars in our faces.  Making best friends with ballerinas and conspiring to win the 5 dollars and split it 5 ways, then dance party adventures and road trips with strangers in the back of the was hilarious! Love how whenever I hang with Han something crazy always happens!!

Gosh I love these booties from Market HQ, I think I made that pretty clear in this post.  I'm super excited to have some nice flatter shoes in a neutral colour, so many outfits that needed a pair just like this. HOORAY.
This jumper is also a wintry delight, super warm! I like being warm, it is nice.

arghhhh off to work, woe is me.

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  1. oh gosh! i do love this cardi very very very muc, and the boots obviously!!! You pretty lady you!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh I am struggling this morning scabbles, my bed wants me to stay in it, but my work wants me to come there? Life is full of these tough decisions SIGH.

  2. Mondays are the worst!! Loving your cardigan, the knit pattern is wonderful! And so are your boots!

    x Lauren

  3. those boots areeeee rather fabulous! wish it was hot enough over this side to be traipsing around in denims thats for sure! digging the cardi too, love the hooded factor.x

  4. Mondays suck!!!!

    Your booties are fabulous, they make your legs go on and on and onnn! That cardigan is also very awesome, it makes you look like a shaman!

  5. I love, love that cardy! I am with you on the Mondayitis I had such a relaxing weekend - not ready to get back into it.

  6. :O Im in LOVE with those boots!
    Might just have to check those babies out! <3 Market HQ! Looking Fab missy! xx

  7. Boots look great and love that cardigan too!

    Thanks for posting lady love!


  8. ohhhh, pretty babe!
    down with the mondays!


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