Tuesday, February 2, 2010

early stompy................

The box that I put my feet up on when I am in my study on this computer, blogging things and what not... is actually filled with old photos.  The lid kept falling off and my feet kept falling in it, and so I decided it was a sign, a sign from some kind of higher power, clearly a unicorn, that I should share with you some early stompface.  Spesh since Mr Camera is still at the filthy camera fixy place (who suck at life by the way) so since its been a long time between an outfit post, you can marvel at the styles of baby stompface.  Much like baby buster and Boy Fights, except with more stompface, and less boy fights....

Rad sunnies? Bubbles? Trackpants? Some kind of cool pink bag with a cartoon drawing of a girl? Check!

Clip on earrings? This doctor says YES!

I really wish I could get away with still wearing pigtails like this, it wouldn't be weird at all....

I always suspected I was some kind of frilled neck lizard....

Pretend panda bags and carrying Noddy with you everywhere, is pretty much the only way to accessorise.


  1. haha Early Stompy rocks. I especially love your accessorizing in the first picture - genius. You were quite a photogenic child. Mine are all of me not smiling or even worse attempting to... not a good look.

  2. Absolutely the most gorgeous little girl - and what great style at such an early age too :) Haha - i'd wear that last outfit now! :)

  3. cuteness overload!!!!!
    you are all kinds of wonderful miss!!!


  4. well we can definitely see that a clear sense of fashion was not 'learned' at an old stage of stompy's life but has always been there, evident in photographs of early stompy... too cute!

  5. Oh my god that's so cute. You were clearly a natural style-goer from an early age!


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