Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dagnabbit technology............

Gosh darnit, I have only been trying to blog this since Sunday..having so many technology problems on the dance floor lately.  Blogger not working, internet shaping, computer crashing. HOW? HOW CAN I LIVE?  It is quite terrible, I am behind on all the blogs and behind on all new things in lovely online shoppetys.  It is not a happy time.

But this jum jum (jumper) is a happy time, I LOVES IT very much.   Plus this silver nailpolish makes me feel like a robot, which is good because I heart robots very much.  Sometimes I sit in the corner and get really sad about how I don't have a robot to clean my house just like The Jetsons.

p.s my neck looks HUGE in the last photo, note to self get a less huge neck.. but the plaitys are pretty and it only took me about 10 minutes to do this hair do, the joys of long hair.  I literally get called Rapunzel sometimes, which makes me very happy indeed.  Too bad about the regrowth, if only hairdressers weren't so frightening.

Something fun, I had a couple of photos in Vivi Magazine, I just need to get a copy, but lovely Jes from Harlequin's party (check out her blog if you haven't already she is truly amazing) took this one.... As far as I know I've never been in a magazine before so it was pretty gosh darn exciting.

Also follow on facebook if you are not already, I'm planning to start using it a lot more! So if I'm a bit absent here due to internet dilemma's I can still hit up facebook on my phone.

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  1. Love the hair and the skirt!! xoxo

  2. you are pretty much the cutest thing ever. that skirt is AMAZE! and where did you get the silver polish? i've been looking for a good one..

  3. ahh the cut of that skirt i am in love with everything with that cut atm its such a great shape looking lovely my dear

  4. ohhh i love your outfit. the fridge is so fun. and your braids are perfect! happy days!
    peace & love

  5. Amazing hair! Obsessed with braids and plaits at the moment, x

  6. eek that jumper, that skirt, those braids and the nailpolish - AMAZING! you are one lovely lady.

  7. your braid is incredible! i could never do that. and love the long tail skirt :)

  8. This outfit is so great, love that jumper!!


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