Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new shoes they go on my feet................

Hoorah hooray!
 A package in the mail today!

 I didn't mean to rhyme just then but now I am feeling decidedly Dr Seussish. WHICH IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING.  Because I really don't like green eggs and ham, because that means the food is probably off....

Meanwhile back in new shoe land..there lived a wonderful pair of booties from Market HQ.  They were a real dreamboat, except if you tried to sail them in the ocean you would probably just ruin them forever, but one day a lonely fisherman might catch them instead of fish and be very happy indeed and be the most stylish of all the fishermen...provided his feet were specifically the size of the boots, but perhaps whilst under the water they were magicked by some kind of sea elf to fit anyone who tries them on....but now I'm just getting off track...

I loves getting packages from Market HQ, because and you may not know this, they are not just a shop selling beautiful treats, they are also FORTUNE TELLERS.  That's right you heard me, FORTUNE TELLERS.  And I know they are very accurate because the last package I got from them, the fortune was that I would be invited to go sing karaoke or something, and then my friend came up and said to me that SHE was going to karaoke, but she didn't invite me because it was strictly her work team event, but IT WAS REALLY CLOSE.

So if you have been reading my blog for awhile, or know me in person, you will know that this fortune is right up my alley. I LOVE WIZARDS especially galactic ones!! I can't wait for this wizardly adventure!

Also included was the new Staple catalogue, it's pretty dreamy, it reminds me somewhat of what life would be like if you climbed into a Fever Ray album.  Speaking of fevers I'm still sick, but as soon as I'm not these shoes and I are going on an adventure, and you sirs, will HEAR all about it.

P.s: it is good to over use capital letters to get very important points across.


  1. Oh I love your blog! This post me giggle uncontrollably.
    Those booties are adorable, I'm in love! I really want to make a MarketHQ purchase now and see what is in store for me...


  2. can't wait for you to blog about your adventure in your bangin new shoes! lovely post!



  3. with that staple lookbook and zebra wrapping i knew this was a MarketHQ purchase straight away ;)! heart that online store and the babes that run it! fab fab boots doll!


  4. oh love love love market HQ are one of my fav online stores always super on trend
    love these pics stella shoes

    ♥ A fox that meows


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