Monday, May 23, 2011

like a kid in the 90's..............

This woolly jumper is a wonderful creation.  It keeps me very warm indeed!  This outfit heaps reminds me of my childhood, like being a kid in the 90's. I wore ensembles like this a lot. In fact, you can see a similar jumper and patterned dress in this post!

boots Market HQ, jumper Don't Ask Amanda, dress Cotton On, necklaces Sportsgirl, dog Max (the best dog in the universe)


  1. gahhh, i LOVE that bauble knit jumper! your dog is super cute!

    x Lauren

  2. Nawwwww you look so adorbs here!!!!!!! Pretty pretty lady!!!!

  3. Your writing style always makes me smile! :D
    And you're one pretty kid in the 90's!

  4. LOVE this! I always wear my polka dress under jumpers and rock tees! xxxxx


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