Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lazy days...............

 I have been super sick and it is all cold and wintry and rainy outside for once, so there is nothing better than wearing amazingly fluffy white dressing gowns with a good book, some magazines and only the best dog in the universe!!!

Hopefully I will feel better soon as I have many wonderful new things to outfitty posty about..yes I surely do.


  1. ugh this oyster was AMAZING. i love lying in bed with tea and reading/watching movies when its raining :)

  2. nawe! hope you feel better missy! Nothing better than snugglin up on a rainy day! xx

  3. Ah loooooooove this new Yen!
    And agree, this weather is the pitts. Makes me feel so lazy and boring, x

  4. Oyster and Yen, too good.
    Is that your dog? Adorable! x

  5. How come I never heard of this two mag before. I must really live in a cave ha ha. By the way hope you get better soon..


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