Tuesday, May 24, 2011

octopus cuff!!!

Holy Moly!! How incredibly rad is this octopus cuff from Alkemie!! It is amazing. I love octopie (unsure of the plural on this one, it's like moose all over again).  But seriously they are just funny creatures, especially when they eat fairy floss.  I always loved the giant squid on Aaagh it's the Mr Hell Show, he desperately wanted to make friends, if only he could stop eating them!! haha.


  1. I looked it up, as I'm a curious creature: the plural form of octopus is octopuses (or occasionally octopodes). Repeating "octopuses" aloud is fun for your tongue! I'm a little afraid of them though ... I saw video once in which a man was almost eaten by an enormous octopus. This cuff isn't frightening though!

    Did I tell you that once when I was attempting to remember your blog name (soon after you had changed it from Stompface), I was thinking, "It's something about dinosaurs ... ", "dinosaurs" being the only bit I thought I could recall, and then I found it and was like, "Oh, but it is literally 'something about dinosaurs'!" :D Clever naming ... if one can only remember that it's something about dinosaurs, then they've unwittingly remembered it, after all!

    This is a rambling comment ... my chatty, silly side comes out to play when I'm here ... and here is an enchanting place to be, with you, my friend!

    In belated reply (to your comment, from Christmas, yes!), it's funny how that is ... For you it's not a proper Christmas unless it's boiling and swimming temperature, and for us, it's not a proper Christmas unless it's freezing and everything is white for snow.


  2. Love your blog, so natural x

    Amazing cuff - im going to check out the brand, hope they come in Silver xx

  3. Swoon! I love the cuff!

    AND I LOVE the Mr Hell Show! nobody gets it! :)


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