Sunday, January 4, 2009


Howdy howdy howdy.

I am the worlds most tired stompface. It is a world record I am sure you have all strived to achieve. Hooray for me.

I have been bounding south the last few days.

My life is also now complete as I got to see the beauty that is Lykke Li. Who was wearing a wildly amazing outfit. A big black cut out fringed top, layers and layers of big silver chains, hot black leggings. She thrashed out on the cymbal and danced wildly and sung through a kazoo and a megaphone. We all rejoiced for 8 hours. Marriage?

I almost managed to beach it every day this year (haha), but failed yesterday, but I still swam at a pool, does that count? Perhaps this will be the next world record.

Life has been hectic and fun and sad all at the same time for stompface lately. Lets hope 2009 is filled with magical street urchins that sing Aladdin tunes all day long and thousands upon thousands of slices of fairy bread made entirely out of diamonds (they don't make your gums bleed hardly at all.)

xoxo gossip girl... I mean stompface. I get so confused sometimes.

p.s. I am about 50 thousand years behind in everyones blogs, but fear not and don't start throwing rocks just yet, as I am on the days of holi so there will be much stompface love to come.

picture is of some crazy lady who probably likes stomping on faces, wearing MINKPINK top as skirt and cut up mens tee tank.


  1. Baby! I love the necklace against the black tank. PERFECTION beyond words. Love you honey.

    + the word verification is fittest haha.

    ♥, China L.

  2. hello hello lovely

    Just out of curiosity....

    was the top you speak of, black tunic length with a round neckline and low scooped out arm holes with black nylon fringe edges?

    If so it was MINKPINK...yaaaay!


  3. Well with out seeing it i'm not 100% sure it's ours but it sounds a hell of alot like one we just released.

    I go back to work tommorow so i'll do some detective work and get the style details.....don't think it's on about a girl yet.

    Should be able to track it down somewhere though.

  4. Hello Miss

    Nice to know i'm not the only one who has been absentia from blog land.

    I'll bet Southbound was amazing - who else did you see?

    Also loving how you got all 'Macgyver' on that singlet and made it a skirt - make your wardrobe multitask for you, thats what I always say....

    x FLNM

  5. Aww welcome back. =)

    And umm again, I am eternally gonna envy you for this little rendesvouz you had with Lykke Li. You must totally propose marriage.

    Post photos of her amazingly crazy outfit puhhleeeze.

  6. I lovve your hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oh yay stomp is back! haha
    thanks for your comment, i am sooo hot right the fan spinning out of control..damn hot weather sometimes! i wish i lived near the you? if so i am envious! i live about a 20 min drive from the beaches but i don't have a that makes it difficult doesn't it? ha xxx LM

  8. so jels you saw lykke li. she is perfection in the form of beautiful dance music!

  9. stompers!!!!!

    happy 2009.

    glad you had a wonderful end of 08.

    you are such a joy + breath of fresh air...

    thanks for everything

    here is to a fun + fashionable year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gave you a glorious for this one
    feel good sweetie

  11. LYKKE LI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh emm gee
    i'm so jealous
    i freaking love that woman

    but more importantly, you are freaking hilarious! haha

  12. Yes, it is the Payless Shoes we have here but alas, they don't carry the same stock.....which sucks a great deal because they have designers doing capsule collections for them all the time - boo Payless Australia....

    I'm glad you saw Santogold, she's super good, plus you kept up the local love with Tame Impala. I must confess though, I really don't dig Tegan and Sara!


  13. I love your hair, too, hehe.

    Glad you were able to make time to check out my blog! :) I'mma link you, too!!

    Love, Mavvie

  14. i love the necklaces! they are so beautiful! :)

  15. "Mister Aladdin sir! What will your pleasure be....?"

    You 'Aint Never Had A Friend Like Me. My fave Aladdin tune :)

  16. Sexy shot... I love the rawness!

    Hope the New Year is being super fantastic to you Babe!



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