Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Giants like me enjoy maxi sized things. This dress is of the maxi variety. I enjoy it because it is cool and flowing when it is ridiculously hot. Yes, I am holding some kind of beverage again, but I was at a wedding so it is allowed.

Still debating the is quite a dilemma. I haven't done much with my hair for so long so I am at the stage when I just want to do something drastic. But I nearly always regret doing that, so I must tread carefully.

On Friday it is going to be 40 degrees! Holy hotness. I need to make some kind of smart casual suit that is composed entirely of ice.

dress Bardot


  1. i have that dress also!
    i posted a picture wearing it a while ago.
    looks very pretty on you

    and no dont cut ur fringe! ur hair is too lovely.

  2. I am jealous of your hot weather! but you look absolutely stunning in that dress, luv. i actually went "wow" when the page loaded.

    whenever I get a haircut I also end up regretting it! thank goodness my hair grows fast. was pretty happy with my first and recent perming though ;)

    ♥ R

  3. cut cut cut! cute before you think. embrace change. its more fun that way!

    Amazingly fantabulous dress.

  4. You look amazing dearest ♥

    Oh my in the same position about the fringe....what shall i dooo? Been growing nit out for that long though. xxx

  5. You look so PRETTY. I want a centre parting, but my head is sadly wrong.

  6. you look lovely my giantess buddy, I can't wait to see the ice casual wear :P

  7. Oh Stompy it seems you are the only one that loves me anymore! Everyone's run off to Jodes' blog because shes a fashion superstar.....fair enough i suppose.

    You look absolutely lovely here - I dig the whole relaxed Perth wedding vibe. One of my besties is getting married this year and her man wants a monkey ring bearer - what do you wear to coordinate with a monkey I ask you?

    Normally I'm all for hair cutting, but I think your face looks so divine it would be a shame to have part of it hidden behind a fringe.


  8. you look absolutely beyond stunning.

  9. you look gorgeous in that dress! i remember seeing it and bardot and now totally regretting not getting it now that i see it on you. and re the fringe, i think you could definitely pull it off but agree flnm: would be a shame to hide your beautiful face behind it! xx

  10. i will make you an smart casual ice suit dear because that is, in fact, all we have in the city of ours. ice. ice. ice.
    hey we are too enjoying 40 degree weather! minus 40, that is.
    i'm on the fence about the fringe, whatever you think. you'd look lovely with or without.

  11. you are a glamourpuss and your dress is highly divine

    this heat is a downer, the ice suit sounds very nice

  12. How funny that you wear a maxi to a wedding. When I wear a maxi, my boyfriend tells me I look like a bridesmaid.

  13. im forever jealous of your long hair!

  14. aj so jealous its warm enough for you to wear that! i miss my maxi dresses

  15. i wish for 40 degrees!!! im so homesick right now... been crying all day. You look divine in this maxi love. I wish i could find one long enough... i found this great one by state of georgia once but i couldnt get a size to fit me properly... so shite. Dont do the fringe! Your hair is increddy the way it is.
    muchos lovage

  16. YOu must tell me where I can buy that dress. That's super!!


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