Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tag town

I'm pretty bad at remembering this whole tagging business. But I haven't done one in ages, so here goes.

The lovely Kelly from Birdy & Me (click on her blog right now if you haven't seen it before, otherwise bad things might happen, but probably won't, but you still should, because she is an amazing artist) tagged me with the 10 things I love, and 10 things I don't love and 5 random things about me tag.

...and in no particular order...


1. Books, if I could build some kind of house entirely out of books, I would be a very happy stompface.
2. Mr Camera, sometimes things go out of control and I just snap wildly at anything.
3. Mr Stompface, CHEESE. I know, but true. He is the strangest and most hilarious person I know who makes me laugh forever.
4. Kitten features, I never knew I could love an animal so much. She is like my very furry baby but who scratches a lot.
5.Cupcakes, did you know there is a cupcake with icecream INSIDE IT?? A CHOCOLATE ICECREAM CUPCAKE? I haven't made these yet, but I have a feeling it will be a wild ride.
6. Music, I could not live without it, the other day Mr Stompface broke Mr Ipod, and I was the saddest lady alive. But then it magically fixed itself and the whole world rejoiced.
7. Inspirational pictures, of any kind, gosh I love them, I pretty much just sit around all day gazing at beautiful images.
8. Drawing, I haven't done this in a while, I am having a large creative block. I imagine it is a giant icecream block named Creative, and he is so huge I just can't get around him, one day I will buy a giant heater and melt him, and then I will be the most creative person alive.
9. Fashion, pretty much anything fashion related, even smart casual jackets made entirely out of accounts.
10. Movies, and tv shows, I have millions of favourites, nothing like escaping reality for awhile. Although, I'm kind of doing that hundred per cent of the my mind.

Don't Love

1. Crazy drivers, they make me too scared to drive a car, why are they so crazy?
2. Washing the dishes, I will do any other chore, but I do NOT love dishes. I do not know why this is. It is a mystery.
3. Mean people, it seems sometimes there is more of them out there than nice ones. It makes my heart sad.
4. Slow walkers, I second Kelly on this one, sometimes I actually get so angry I just yell WHY SO SLOW? Yes, I am nice. It is especially annoying when people just stop in front of you all together.
5. Lazy, I am it all the time, but I don't love it at all, its like stop being so lazy and do something Stompface.
6. Exercise, I really wish I did love this one, because I really need to do it more.
7. Waiting, I really really do not love waiting, it is so boring and long and it goes on forever and ever. Stupid waiting.
8. Slow internet! WHY IS IT SO SLOW??? Mine is slow right now, and I am sad.
9. Public transport, why is it that the crazy person or the person who hasn't showered in a month always finds a seat next to me?
10. How I can sleep in forever when its a work day, but I wake up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday, why torture me Mr Body Clock?? WHY?

and... random things...oh I am tired and my brain isn't working, so I will just say most people probably think everything is random about me.

I tag the entire world.

The End.

I can't remember where this image is from...


  1. you could eat the icecream block. i think that would be yummier then melting it


    my brain just exploded with awesome.

  3. i think these are magnificent lists. everything in the love pile is wonderful

    and everything in the other pile is unfortunate, but oh-so-true


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