Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr Grey Cardigan

Fashion Fille wrote a delightful grey cardigan themed fashion feature on Weardrobe which featured some stompface grey cardigan action. Click here to gaze at cardigan land. Thanks Fashion Fille, sorry for the no respondo. My Internet is slow town. It is a lovely feature.

Here is a random old picture of me and Mr Grey Cardigan before we go on a date.

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  1. Oh lovely pic ♥

    Everybody needs a grey cardigan, its a must! xxx

  2. did i ever tell you how much you make me smile?

  3. ohh i love this outfit!! the purse is super cute too!!

  4. you look so cute! i like that bag very much too

  5. mr. grey cardigan + miss OTK socks is perfect ♥

  6. YAY!

    thanks for putting up the link! you totally deserve the feature, that's why i picked you :)

    here is the link again for anyone reading this wanting to see the lovely page that ms sf graces!

  7. Ha ha Thanks.

    I forgot to tell you the other day that i definatley think stompy should get a fringe.

    I love a bit of change, it's good to mix things up a bit.

    Loving the grey cardi, mine is like an old friend, hmmmm seeing as i'm having problems with my boyfriend i might go snuggle up to good old grey now. Much more reliable than a silly boy!

    much love deary


  8. I must find one for myself! This outfit is perfect on you! Must have been that one cool-ish day we had this past week. Can't imagine wearing the socks lately =S

    Bambola x

  9. Ooooh, thigh highs.
    And I love my gray cardigan. I've got a little one, and a long one.

  10. lovely picture!
    love how you put it all together


  11. those thigh highs are awesome on you!!! beauty.

  12. Oh I just knew you'd be a sock puppet! Gotta love a bit of knee-high action.

    It agrees with you muchly miss.

    You really need to come to the east coast for a visit - I feel we would have much good times.

    Hope you're not melting over in the Heat wave that is Perth - Are you attending BDO???


  13. Too cute. and you should totally get a fringe!

  14. I dont know if anybody ever told you this but I think that you look a mix btw nicky hilton and lily donaldson.. You have the hair I want..not fair ! anyway, your outfit looks great ! Love the grey knee highs ! x

  15. sportsgirl, i think that this colors (that match your skin) and white, look the best on you. its great.

  16. oh you look so cute! love the outfit! the dress is lovely. xxx LM

  17. Cute bag!

    And this outfit looks perfect on you!


  18. I loikes your socks, lovely. x

  19. whoa!
    is that a pendent i see? how i wish i could take a closer look. the dress is pretty (:

    i have some kind of similar flats to yours. and the bag is gorgeous. everything just looks awesome, btw.

  20. those knee highs are very cute :)

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