Saturday, January 31, 2009

Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping...

I really like Saturday's when I don't have to do anything much. I especially like it because it lets me get a healthy dose of my secret addiction to children's TV shows. That's right, children's shows. I love them...a little too much.

I always try to be home for Degrassi High, which is on every Saturday afternoon, and is pretty freakin' rad. If you don't all agree you must be very very confused.

It's not sad at all to avoid all social activities in order to watch kids tv.

This picture is from one of my many outfit changes on the weekend, I had like 12 in one day. It was very hard to decide. All my clothes aren't in love with me anymore. It breaks my mighty heart.

dress customised dotti, chains diva, nailpolish adriana by Bloom


  1. I used to be hooked on Degrassi. The new one.

  2. Love this photo! Your hair looks fantastic and love the dress!

  3. oh I beg to differ. I'm loving you in the clothes - so they still MUST be in love with you. isn't that the transitive property of math or something. :)

  4. oh you look beautiful miss! and your dress it totally in lovers land with you back!

    hope you are having a great week!!!!!!

    xxxx love lM


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