Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let the meat cake...

Last night we went past this like cake shop I guess which was called Let them eat cake. But the letters were all close together so I thought it said "Let the meat cake", and I was like what on earth does that even mean? Let the meat cake??? Then everyone pointed and laughed at me for an hour because of how silly I was to read it as let the meat cake. So let the meat cake everybody! It is the only way.

dress homemade by stompface, boots mystery, chain diva, bag sportsgirl, face imagination


  1. oh I effin LOVE caked meat. LOL.

    love the photos btw.

  2. Ahhh I make those sort of mistakes all the time...I love your dress

  3. "Let the meat cake" hahaha, that's hilarous. I love your bag.

  4. lol trust you to say that! Beautiful, beautiful and funny

    E xo

  5. Mmmmm meat cake sounds delicious. You should open your own Meat Cake shop right next door!

    xo L

  6. lol i would have made the same misread lol
    i love ur blog
    and ur outfit

  7. hahahahaah thats funny. i love silly momments like that, i have them way to often!i love bags like that black one you have x

  8. hahaha i would have done the same thing! sounds like a fun night though.

    and YES sportsgirl is amazing atm..they are doing well.

    hope you are having a good LONG weekend! woo go aussies! :)

    xxx LM

  9. haha, I love it :
    It sounds like something my sister would say ;)

    love the outfit!

    Have a great Australia Day, bella!

  10. hahahaa! sounds like something I would say.


    Mmm meat cake.

  11. WHAT?! why would i be offended at your writing a long comment? whaaa?????? crazy girl!

    thanks for your was a good one! haha. glad i am not the only drunk blogger going around the net. i was well over the 'drink blogging limit' last night. jeeeez.

    as if your friend has the same top...lets each steal our friends and run away! haha

    yes i wear boys jumpers ALL the time..if i had a bf i am sure i would steal his too.

    hope you have a nice night i am too :)

    xxxx Love LM

  12. Beautiful homemade dress ... damn I need to learn to sew :P 'Let them meat cake'? I'm the sort of person that would have totally made the same mistake!


  13. hibeauty

    enjoying the summmmmmer love!

    i am definitely freezing my tush off over here ;)

    such a joy you are.


  14. Your comments always always make me smile :)

    And you're heavenly in white.
    So my plan is to have HB2 come back here to visit, and fashion one of those lasso-rope-trap thingees from the tree by her house. I will wait for her to step in it and pull the trap Saturday morning cartoon style. I'll put a pair of neon heels in the trap so she won't be able to resist stepping in it.

  15. That is so funny!! Hahahahaha. Cute blog.

  16. I love the chains you're wearing, and the Let The Meat Cake thing is something I would do and then get laughed at for as well.
    I say blame the cake store for having a dodgy sign!

  17. hold on dear...let me hurry to give you company...

  18. Haha I was like 'Meat Cake? Rank'
    I tagged you dearest x

  19. Loooooooooove the dress
    kiss <3

  20. You are hilarious! Love the home made dress.

    Let the meat east cake!!!

  21. thank u 4 your comment:)
    hahaha the meat cake story!:D
    omgsh i sooo want your weather and to be able to go outside wearing nothing but a dress-it's freezing here!


  22. ahahahahahahahahahaha (read this over and over for an hour...I want to laugh at you for an hour too:P) Only joking, dear..I make mistakes like that all the time too haha!

    And let me tell you that I LOVE your homemade dress xoxo

  23. Ooo I love the color of this dress! So It looks like it has just the perfect hint of pink

  24. GORGEOUS! You must have the most amazing collection of beautiful dresses :)

  25. love the whole look, white s so angelic xx

  26. stompface. love ur dress!!! and ur bag<3

  27. Ohmygod, I laughed my ass off when I read this! Meat cake? That's just wrong on so many levels!

  28. chain is frickin fantastic detail. sportsgirl. ;)


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