Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kitten Features...

Hooray, this is my new pretty kitty. I named her Zippora because she is so pretty and is destined to be a world famous cat model. Also it turns out Zippora is actually hebrew for bird! The name works on so many levels!

She is very fashion like for a cat, look how she rocks those little white socks. She has the black and white chic look down perfect. And what amazingly kitten like features she has!



  1. she's perfect ♥

    black and white kittehs are the best. I have two black and white eligible bachelors if she's interested ;)

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i need a kitty

  3. Aaaah i'm losing consciousness just looking at the beauty. She is a darling. And so very very gorgeous. Lucky you.

    Huggies for you both!

  4. ohhh she is sooo cute!
    zipora is also a name in hebrew - a very old one but still a name..

  5. Wow what a cute kitty!
    And the cat is pretty cute too ;).
    Seriously, I think Zippora is the best-looking kitten I've ever seen!

  6. OH MY GOSH soooo cute and perfect name. xx lM

  7. a kitten with kitten like features?!?! who could have imagined :P

    She's too adorable, and fashionable, for words. I love that her name means bird

    when I grow up I wanna kitten named bird :P

  8. such a precious little thing. oddly enough she actually looks like a Zippora!

  9. oh! you and your kitty so both so chic

    i love kittens


  10. awww kitty!!! she's so cute Stompface! i love cats! i've adopted a street kitten here on my holidays. hahaha my dad gets mad at me and tells me ot to touch it but i can't help myself!

  11. herro kitten! Oh she's LOVELY! x

  12. Zippora? well that is a model name that i still havent heard of :D kitten is adorable... what a poser. that is talent.

  13. Goldie locks, it's really not fair that your tresses be that perfect!


    Awww, Zippora...

  14. Your new friend is so adorable,

    xox. jess. xox.

  15. two sweetys;)
    greets from german...

  16. OH MY GOD.
    this is way too cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    check out my new post, it's been a while. how are you by the way?
    a kiss


  17. Oh my God! Your at looks just like mine when she was a kitten, you wouldn't belive it. So cute it hurts

  18. oh she's pretty, i used to have a black and white cat too ;) i loved him to bits. he's in cat heaven now but lived to be 16 years old ;)


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