Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Should Stompface get a fringe??

That is a very important question, in which you should all think very hard about, and give me lots of deliriously amazing answers to help in my time of need.

Once upon a time I had a fringe, and it was a nice fringe. His name was Fringe Benefits, and he did all the chores around the house and was very punctual.

So do you think a new fringe should move in?

Answering questions is fun! Yay!


  1. You know baby I love your hair as is. Perfect flow and length totally model esque. If I had your hair I would not change it for the world because it's that brilliant. Still, if you like/miss your fringe go on and have at it you'll look cute no matter haha.

    with ♥, ///China L.

  2. mmmm, because you have angel hair i'm sure a fringe will look divine and because you are young, it won't be like the fringe is moving in on a permanent basis. so if you don't like it, you can tell it to skidaddle

    hope that helps, and your post reminds me that I too, need a haircut

  3. I love fringe!
    But honestly I love love ADORE your hair the way it is now. Seriously.

  4. yes but make it a heavy one ! then ur hair can be strong and wavy at the same time, i think it would be beautiful xo
    p.s verification wrd is 'coney'

  5. Oh gosh I'm so afraid to say anything really. Ultimately it is your decision hun and you must be sure you are happy with it. Honestly though i think you could pull it off, maybe not blunt because it can be so dramatic but a wispy one. Eeep, just ignore. IGNORE! Oh gosh.... what am i doing here again?

  6. YES. YES!

    i wrote a feature on weardrobe, check it out?

    (oh, you're featured in it!)

  7. post a gigantic photo of your face and i'll tell you what to do! ahahah

    you are soooo funny
    i love your sense of humour


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