Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pinwheels + Cupcakes.....................

Oh how I love pinwheels, they are so pretty and so much fun!  I ordered our wedding pinwheels from Pinwhirl parties, who also provided us with the pennants.  I spent a whole day hand making the pinwheels because we went with the DIY option! It was intense but well worth the effort!  I would definitely recommend Pinwhirl Parties they were very organised and always prompt in replying to my emails!

The cupcakes were from Kustom Cupcakes, and were on recommendation from my friend Martina, she also had them at my hens night.  They were so delicious, and they were also really prompt and helpful.

photos by Christine Lim and Ruby Yeo


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I sort of stalked your album on the photographers website and they were absolutely magical. Congrats!

  2. This all looks so lovely! The pinwheels were a winning idea. The effort in assembling them was not wasted! I had a sticky beak at your wedding photos and the entire day looked so whimsical/magical/too-beautiful-for-words.

  3. My favourite photos are the ones when you are having your first dance, thats how i imagine mine would be!! Silly and fun :)

  4. Congratulations, the photos are absolutely beautifulllll! I found them through flair to remember and looked at every link to the photos you posted as well; the whole day just looks so beautiful, and the photographer did such a wonderful job.
    I commented on Nicki's that I just love the fact that the photos are so natural (and not posed looking) which is so nice as you can really see the genuine joy that surrounded the day!
    All the best for married life! xx

  5. simply gorgeous. congratulations on creating and experiencing a memorable, personal, stylish and timeless day. truly lovely details.

  6. ive missed so much but all the wedding photos are wonderful you look spectacular and i love the dress. Congrats!!!

    Vi from Cali

  7. Cupcakes and pinwheels - could there be anything better?! Gorgeous pictures!


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