Saturday, December 11, 2010

nails they go on your hands..............

I do so love on this nail polish colour, yes I do, you can catch a tiny glimpse at my wedding band here, huzzah it is glorious.  My hand looks slightly over tanned here, damn you weird lighting and spray tans.....

I'm going on a semi road trip now, destination wine o'clock here I come.

p.s. yes that is a step ladder, ooh artsy composition.


  1. i love that nail colour, it's so pretty! i hope you have fun on your semi-road trip. :)
    lovess, taylah x

  2. That colour is fabulous, I love nails, I just wear acrylic nails and they make me feel presentable even when I'm wearing no make-up!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  3. totally lusting over this colour, perfect for summer! very jealous of your pretty nails :P

    Hope married life is absolutely tantalizing!


  4. weeee yes lovely colour!
    can i say, you looked ahamzing on your wedding day! I hope it was happy and fun and full of everything you hoped! Loved your head piece gorgeous fing :) xo

  5. oh my i am SO rude! I didnt realise that i had your old blog name in my blogg roll. All better now!


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