Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spot the difference............

Yes our favourite party trick is to swap outfits half way through a party for no apparent reason and see who notices.  It sure does trip out drunk people a lot, some people don't notice at all.  Although my hair looking slightly crimped gave away that it had previously been up in some kind of plaited style.  Oh adventures!

How hot is Hanskies jumpsuit, I never wanted to take it off, and almost nearly couldn't because I got stuck in it when I forgot to untie the belt but tried to change anyway.  Oh I am a clever clogs.


  1. Why hello extremely clever ladies who fool the world with their swift and sneaky outfit swaps....

    Hot town xo

  2. I love both of these looks!!
    Im hosting a giveaway, would love for you to enter!

  3. wow , swapping identities like fashion superheroins !
    super-heroin chic is back !

  4. What a fun idea, must try it sometime :D

    You're looking gorgeous in both swaps lovely!

  5. hahahaha oh my gosh that is hilarious. i'm so doing that!

  6. haha thats so classic! i love how yous have done that. do you do it often? & im lusting after that skirt!! i wonder if supre still has it..x

  7. alannah: yess we do it at most of the parties we go to together, but haven't done it for a couple of years! So fun. The skirt should still be there, it was only a couple of weeks ago I got it, I cut the lining out though so it was more sheer!


  8. You are a delightful girl,
    your hair is like the sun <3


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