Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Night time beach times...............

After many magical beach times on my honeymoon in Bali, I was inspired by the 2threads Billabong summer blogging challenge.....

Chilling on the beach at night time in Bali was most magical.  Especially after eating at a most spectacular restaurant right on the beach. We discovered a magical light up dart thingy that flies through the sky.  Husbandy was most impressed and bought one immediately.  Pretty lights on the beach at night time are the best kind!  I enjoyed the disco laser pointer the man at the beach tried to sell us.  After having many a wine, I began dancing like a lion tamer in the middle of the beach by myself.  Good times... The beach at night time is one of my favourite things, throw on a whimsical floaty dress and prance about in the sand surrounded by pretty stars and a lovey night breeze.  It is glorious!

I jumped on the facebook bandwagon awhile ago, and it is looking very lonely, so feel free to stop by.

I'm also going to be replying to comments within my comments now, so make sure to checkity check with the eyes that live in your head. Okay deal.

wearing dotti dress, sportsgirl bag and necklace, shoe show shoes, plait in hair made from hair that has grown out of my head


  1. prettttyyyyy!!! making me excited for march times, bali times, hurry hurry xx

  2. Ohh are you going to Bali then! Jealous! I loved Bali!



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