Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Marriage.............

We got all our professional photos yesterday from our wedding photographers Christine & Ruby.  They are absolutely magical!  The photos were on disks with our photos printed on them, in a gorgeous little box wrapped in ribbon.  They even put together an amazing slide show with music.

There are so many photos that it may take some time for me to put together a proper wedding post, but to tide you over you can check Ruby's blog, she has put together an epic post on our wedding!  Seriously these photographers were so wonderful, they are truly lovely happy and fun people and they are also amazingly talented.  I am in awe of their work.


  1. OH WOW!!! Those photos are like a storyboard... i dont even know you and i wasnt even there and you could show that to anyone and they would feel like they were there!

    That must mean so much to you. You looked absolutely AMAZING and the day really looked like it was filled with fun and there is so much love around you!

    Congrats to you - and thank you for sharing... so beautiful - i want that photographer for my wedding day!!! X

  2. Oh my!! I just had a look through all of your photos and they are just the most beautiful collection of wedding photos I've seen. You looked absolutely stunning :) How adorable is the gif of your cute as a button flower girl?

    Congrats again to you both x

  3. gorgeous photo abby!! can't wait to see more! will go & look at the blog.
    you make a stunning bride!! :)


  4. those are oh so magical abbby. i mean the magical-est of magical. i knew they would be lovely but that takes the cake. happy marriage bloggity friend. <3 looks like your day was picture perfect. :)
    peace, love & holiday cheer!

  5. These photos are beautiful!
    check out my blog

  6. Weeeee yes such a magical day, thanks for the lovely messages :)


  7. I know I have already said this a million times but you looked amazing and these photos are just brilliant. Having a great photographer is probably the most important thing to me for my wedding!



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