Saturday, December 4, 2010's a fun dress!

Kind of outfit posty here, this is on our honeymoon in Bali.  I had to barter for that dress,  I really really was no good at bartering, so I made my husband be in charge of all of that.  He is a good husband. Anyhoo it is a really really fun dress.  The minute we met it challenged me to a badminton game.  It was really keen on going to the beach and playing grip ball and had a great collection of marbles we spent hours playing with together.  What a great dress! So fun!  I am also wearing a sportsgirl hat and shoes from shoe show which although fun did not have the same keen interest in fun activities.


  1. what an amazzzzingg dress lady. love it..

  2. it sounds like a very fun dress indeed!

  3. you look gorgeous!
    and congratulations on the wedding,
    the dress is stunning!


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