Friday, December 24, 2010

ohhh it is the christmas kind.......

Which is the BEST kind!

Yes it is Christmas tomorrow, in case you weren't aware.  I love Christmas because I love festivity! Our tree is all shiny and glorious, with millions of presents for my millions of nieces and nephews underneath it!

  Tomorrow I will be rushing around all day trying to see all the family, but it is going to be SUPER hot, and I am going to swim, like some kind of underwater swimming creature, like a mermaid or an old abandoned shoe.  And I shall surround myself with delicious food and magical drinks!

Weeeeeeeeee I hope everyone in blog town has the best time they have ever had in their entire lives!

I may even posty tomorrow because I bought an especially fun dress to wear, and I have a feeling there are some especially hot shoes under the tree......


p.s. Don't forget to stop by Mr Bird's for an important Christmas message...

some christmas tags I made for all the presents.......


  1. Ooh those all look fantastic! I'd like to spend the day by the pool tomorrow but it looks like it will be cold and raaaaaiiiny. Boo. However, fun shall still be had! Merry Christmas!

  2. What adorable cards! They're perfect for Christmas at any place - rein or shine. Ha ha. Rein ...

    Merry Christmas! x

  3. love the tags! hope you had an awesome xmas ♥


  4. Ahhh abby I was so hoping you would had sim designs up for sale on your etsy. Next year, I will be stocking up! Hope you and A had an amazing 1st Christmas together as a married couple xx

  5. I love that you love Christmas! As do I, and I'll be all joyous and frankly quite giddy about it, especially at the beginning of the holiday season.

    Oh, I'm forever failing to remember that it's summer in parts of the world for Christmas, and I exclaim to myself, it's hot? Swimming? How could it be? Then I remember. (Though being enough of a northerner, if it isn't freezing and wintry, it doesn't feel like Christmas for me. It's likely the polar opposite for you).

    Hope your Christmas was swell and splendid, my friend!



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