Monday, December 20, 2010

kittens are nice..............

Well, I'm trapped in the study again because my totally sane and lovely kitten is trying to kill me.. Yes she is a nice cat, and by nice I mean crazy.... But craziness is good and clearly runs in the family its just usually my craziness does not end in me trying to eat people....

Here is a quick outfitty from the weekend, I have more wonderful photos to come of those adventures in the next posty post!!

top Dotti, skirt Supre, belt Sportsgirl, necklace Sportsgirl, shoes went missing so I could dust up the dance floor,


  1. love this!!! lookin' HOT!!
    your kitten sounds high maintenance! hehe


  2. Hahaha I can't wait to see the rest of these photos!

  3. Great outfit toots!! You look gorgeous.. well done for the supre find! havent been there for ages! xo

  4. Your sheer skirt is nice, good luck with your studies

  5. that sheer skirt looks gorgeous on you! I really like your hair too :)

  6. You've still got that newlywed glow ♥

  7. Ooh la la I love that skirt! I wish for lovely long legs so this would look good on me too please.



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